Tax Law

Tax Law

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Our team can help you navigate tax issues.
Tax Law

Our tax law services include...

  • Commerical transactions
    • Tax implications of mergers and acquisitions
    • Structuring and restructuring
    • Corporate consolidation documentation
  • Property transactions
    • Tax implications of property development and structuring
    • Duty
    • Land tax
    • Foreign investors
  • Employee share and option schemes
    • Advice and implementation
  • Disputes
    • Strategy and advice
    • Investigations and audits
    • Legal proceedings

Tax Law Newsroom

Victoria’s new Windfall Gains Tax

What you need to know about Victoria’s new ‘Windfall Gains Tax’

As part of the Victorian Budget 2021/22, a new property tax, the windfall gains tax (WGT), will be applied to land

How NDL can help you connect the dots

Practical solutions

Our purpose is to give you practical solutions to your legal issues that are sensible, realistic and proportionate to your circumstances and needs, without sacrificing attention to detail. This often requires lateral thinking outside of the box.

Integration with your business

We aim to integrate our services with your business as much as possible. You should think of us as your very own in-house counsel without any barriers to approaching us with even the smallest of queries.

Team approach

Because we are not driven by time billing or structured like a traditional law firm, we are able to genuinely offer you a team approach to your legal needs resulting in quicker and more efficient outcomes for you. 

Pay for outcomes

You should only pay for agreed outcomes or scope of work, and not time. We are able to offer various fee arrangements that suit your circumstances and needs.

Project Scope

The first step in any retainer with NDL is to undertsand the scope of your issues and the services you need. Get in touch with our team for a no-obligation discussion about how we may be able to help you. From there we can provide you with an accurate scope of work and quote.

Ongoing Relationship

Our aim is to build and maintain a long term relationship with you and your business. This is based on mutual trust and confidence, which takes time to develop and naturally involves highs and lows. The growth and success of your business is a source of pride and satisfaction for us.



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