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Is my term sheet binding even if it says it’s not?

Is my term sheet binding even if it says it’s not?

Term sheets are a crucial element in the early stages of any business transaction, particularly in the context of venture...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law

13 • 07 • 23

What is an earnout in mergers and acquisitions


What is it? An earnout is a mechanism commonly seen in mergers and acquisitions that provides for a contingent payment based...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law

21 • 03 • 23

Top tips when selling a business

5 key steps to prepare your business for sale

So, you’ve built up a successful business and have now decided to sell, or been approached by a prospective buyer. Selling...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law

27 • 01 • 23

Start-up capital raising using a SAFE note

Start-up capital raising using a SAFE note

A common issue for most start-up businesses is that they are cash hungry. Securing investors in the early days can be...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law

10 • 11 • 22

The importance of shareholders agreements

The importance of shareholders agreements

A shareholders’ agreement is a written agreement between the shareholders of a company. It sets out the relationship...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law

03 • 08 • 22

Electronic document execution and virtual meeting options now enshrined in law

Corporations law embraces technology

The electronic signing of documents by companies and the conduct of shareholders’ meetings via electronic means is now...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Property Law

02 • 03 • 22

The distinction between employee and contractor during M&A transactions

The employee/contractor distinction in M&A transactions

If you assumed that engaging workers as independent contractors by mutual agreement, as opposed to employees, would relieve...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law

19 • 01 • 22

Victoria’s new Windfall Gains Tax

What you need to know about Victoria’s new ‘Windfall Gains Tax’

As part of the Victorian Budget 2021/22, a new property tax, the windfall gains tax (WGT), will be applied to land...

Property Law, Tax Law

05 • 11 • 21

Understanding the impact of a personal/director’s guarantee when selling a business

Personal Guarantees When Selling a Business

Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) – dealing with personal guarantees when selling a business When running a business,...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law

05 • 07 • 21