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Demolition clauses in commercial leases

Demolition clauses in commercial leases – is yours legally enforceable?

A recent VCAT decision has highlighted the importance for Victorian landlords / developers of understanding their rights...

Property Law

27 • 04 • 23

Tips for developers to reduce risk in off-the-plan developments

10 tips for developers to minimise settlement risk in off-the-plan sales

With changing market conditions, including higher interest rates, increased construction costs and softening property prices,...

Property Law

26 • 09 • 22

Marketing materials provided by developers must reflect a realisable construction

Courts cautionary warning to developers

A developer told a couple their off-the-plan unit would not be built as promised. The couple had purchased a unit in South...

Property Law

03 • 06 • 22

Electronic document execution and virtual meeting options now enshrined in law

Corporations law embraces technology

The electronic signing of documents by companies and the conduct of shareholders’ meetings via electronic means is now...

Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Property Law

02 • 03 • 22

Victoria’s Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme extended to March 2022

Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme extended in Victoria… again

On the very day the Victorian Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme (‘CTRS’) was scheduled to end (15 January 2022), the...

Property Law

18 • 01 • 22

Victoria’s new Windfall Gains Tax

What you need to know about Victoria’s new ‘Windfall Gains Tax’

As part of the Victorian Budget 2021/22, a new property tax, the windfall gains tax (WGT), will be applied to land...

Property Law, Tax Law

05 • 11 • 21

Your guide to Victoria’s renewed Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme

Victoria’s renewed Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme: 5 key departures from previous Scheme

The Victorian Government announced its revival of the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme in July 2021. After much speculation...

Property Law

15 • 09 • 21

Significant changes for landlords and tenants with commercial/retail leases

6 important changes for landlords and tenants with commercial and retail leases

The Retail Leases Amendment Act 2020 (Vic) (‘The Act’) recently came into effect in Victoria, implementing various...

Property Law

15 • 03 • 21

Commercial rent relief scheme extended to March 2021 in Victoria

Victoria’s COVID-19 Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme to be extended to 28 March 2021

In April 2020, the Victorian Government introduced new regulations designed to provide rent relief (often referred to as...

Property Law

11 • 01 • 21